Saturday, January 26, 2013

i (heart) pink

i (heart) pink.  there is not a degree or shade of it i'm not fond of. like steven tyler says in his song, 'pink, it's like red but not quite.' (i developed a low grade  crush on him when i first heard this song,) there's long been an association between that color and breast cancer awareness.  i'm fine with that. i've worn pink for years, though  tempered with black, grey, white, or denim. i consider it a little too soft on it's own.  since the diagnosis though, i found myself distancing from it a bit, it's hard to say why.  but it's back in my heart now. yIpPiE! i was so convinced that what the doctors were investigating wasn't really cancer that i wore hot pink jeans to one of the early biopsies, trying to show solidarity for the cause, never imagining i'd actually be part of it. i'm pretty sure i had the strange and false idea that if i wore pink as a breast cancer patient, it'd be kind of like letting my world know i had it, without my having told them yet. ridiculous, i know.  but that's what it was.  i was definitely on the down low for a fair amount of time.  i had to practice saying it remember, in order to even believe it myself.  then i had to say it to others. and that was a weird deal too, forming those words.  (it's hard being a rookie.)  but i still wasn't wearing it. i wasn't ready to connect it to myself in that context. fughetta 'bout it. (as the mobsters say.)  

 but then marcia showed up one afternoon and brought me a black baseball cap.  black is a color i've never once had a problem wearing.  this hat had a couple of tiny whimsical pink ribbons monogramed on it, not in your face, just subtle and even kind of fun looking, with curly que type things around them. it was strangely love at first sight. i don't get it, but it was. i like hats, and black, and the ribbons on this cap seemed to jive. the hat was my entree, like those traveling pants were to those friends in the story of the sisterhood. i wore the hat the next day.  and then a couple days later, and then a couple more times after that.  i know it sounds odd, but it became a kind of badge even, a blankie. (?) it definitely helped me find my breast cancer groove. (is there a bc groove?)  one of my daughters picked up on it, knowing how i am about wearing messages.  she said i can't believe you're wearing that hat mom.  i said i know.  me neither.  and yet i was. luv it. thnx marcia. (again!)

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                        xx katy 

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  1. quoting Steel Magnolias:
    - "Her cuh'luhs are pink and pink".
    - "My colors are blush and bashful! I have chosen two shades of pink, one is much deeper than the oth'uh....Pink is my signat'uh co'luh."



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