Saturday, January 26, 2013

tumor board

i realize this is nothing like the tumor board in real life.  but the image here is how i imagine it.

  ladies and gentlemen, presenting 50 yr old female, relatively good health overall, here today due to ductal carcinoma in situ, discovered in recent routine mammogram.  patient presented with zero symptoms, discovery made during annual exam.  features include intermediate grade, along with estrogen receptor positive finding, at rate of almost 100%. 

matching bag, (not shown) will come in handy for carrying the recommended hormone suppressant pills known as tamoxifen.  large bag required, subscription needed for five years post treatment. 

comfy shoes (not shown) recommended, though not required, as 'journey' can tend to drag on.  

patient has to make up own mind.


the tumor board

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  1. Funny! I could just hear that in my head, a tumor board promenade.


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