Sunday, January 27, 2013

mama june = luv

i don't know how or when it happened, but my daughters (four)  started calling me mama june.  i take it as a HUGE compliment.  mama june embodies LOVE.  so OMG.  love her!  i can't pin point exactly, but over time i realized i was calling each of them boo boo,  as in hey boo boo.  thanks boo boo.  boo boo?  time to get up! etc. each of them thought they were boo boo.  they'd say it to each other, i'm boo boo. no i am.  i thought i was?  bc of this, i gave each of them pink t shirts for christmas, with the words 'i'm boo boo' printed across the front in diner style font. of course, this somehow evolved into making me mama june.  ella, 12, told me she has me in her phone contacts under 'mama june' -- (this is pushing it.)  

the other day, as i was waiting to go into 3rd surgery, i heard from my girls via text.  they were in school, not supposed to be on phones.  but they knew the deal, wanted to send messages of hope and love.

this was sweet.

the messages?

good luck mama june!  you got this! luv u mama june!


like i said.

xx katy

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  1. I love mama June! The best part is where she talks about letting her family be who they are & doesn't care what anybody thinks. In between her sneezing. :)


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