Sunday, January 27, 2013

muffin top

recently one of my brothers had us over for a visit.  we were sitting around his kitchen table eating little muffins and drinking mountain dew.  my brother was trying to get a sense of the cancer, treatment so far, etc.  i picked up one of the muffins to be used as a 'visual aid', and aimed it at the 'class.'  the muffin was a 3d object, the class consisted of my brother, the godfather, and our two youngest daughters. the muffin top had a blueberry on it, i said pretend this is the nipple.  dave said ok.  and i pointed, and 'educated', and said, and here is the side, and the cut was made here, and the other cut was here, and so on. 

the godfather, who is a troublemaker, was misbehaving in class.  he was 'listening' to the 'lesson', but then said 'wait a minute.'  i said 'what?'  as though i was really a teacher.  he reached across the table, grabbed the muffin, bit off the top, and gave it back.  

that was that.

class dismissed.

xx katy

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