Sunday, January 27, 2013

mammo wink

i don't know about you, but whenever i went in for mammograms, i'd always try and get a sense of things from the tech doing the procedure.  even though they are not authorized to share any info, still, there was a way i wanted to know in advance. i'd try and study her expression while she casually reviewed the images, figuring i could pick up on a flinch or absence of such. i had the same tech for a few years, she had a very pleasant demeanor, though a rock solid poker face.  however, at the end of every mammogram, this year included, she'd give me a wink.  this was my high sign, my girlie high 5.  i'd think hot damn as i left, another bullet dodged.   

this year i got the wink.  i told steve, affectionately known as the 'godfather', i got the wink again.  he said thank god.  we don't have time to deal with that bullshit.  i said yeah really.

the day i got the call back the godfather was golfing, something he nevah evah does unless he kinda has to.  i know that sounds untrue, but it's not.  fishing is his bag. that morning he said i won't be able to take calls today bc i'm going to be golfing, and you can't take calls on the course.  i said what bullshit.  and he said yeah really.

late morning the call came.  and i couldn't call the godfather.  this really was bullshit.  i thought *wtf*. but as i said before, there are lots of those moments.  he might as well have been on the moon.

i was trying to think of who i knew who'd gotten callbacks, and i remembered my mother in law had, so i called their house.  i asked mike (father in law) could i speak to judy.  he said oh, she's out golfing.  i said seriously?  i needed to tell someone, bc i was anxious, hadn't gotten call backs ever.  i said look.  you're just going to have to pretend you're judy here.  he said ok.

when i told him, he said oh katy!  that's no big deal.  call backs happen all the time.  we know such and such, and such and such, and such and such.  and by the time he was done being a 1/2 way decent judy stand in, i was feeling  1/2 way better, just not completely. i said ok then.  don't go trolling the golf course for widows for steve,  bc i'm not going anywhere. i forget what he said to that.  probably something like yeah right.

but the wink.  

when the tech called to tell me that i had to go in the next day for diagnostics, i started to cry a little, right then on the phone.  i said but you winked at me!  she said what?

i said you winked, remember?  you always wink when i leave, and this year you winked too, so how could there be any reason for me to come back?  i don't get it!

that was a little melodramatic i know.  and i ended up feeling bad bc she thought i was mad at her but i wasn't.  it was my own fault for misinterpreting that wink, not hers.  she said i was only letting you know i got good pictures!

i said oh.  ok.  but to myself i said good pictures my a**. 

                              xx katy

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