Wednesday, April 10, 2013

dear future cancer patient

i know i started this blog as a rookie, and a rookie i remain in my heart.


i am less of a rookie now.

with this in mind, i wish to pen a note to future rookies, who sadly will find themselves thrust into this strange new world.


dear future cancer patient -

i'm sorry your here.  

but i'm here to tell you, like my beloved marcia, and so many others have told me,  

you can do this sister.

i'm going to make you a list.

here goes.  

1.  it's okay to be a rookie.  how are you supposed to have a phd in breast cancer, when you've never had it before?

2.  try and remember there is no better time to get breast cancer than now. (as opposed to 20 or 30, or even 10 or 5 years ago.)

3.  please open your heart and mind to the many avenues of support available to you.  it will surprise you.  

4.  let yourself trust your medical team.  if you don't, find a new one.

5.  try not to hate your own body for this.  but if you do for a little while, it's okay.  as long as you can love it after.

6.  remember you are loved.

7.  remember you are loved.

8.  do not believe for one second you did something to deserve this.

9.  do not believe for one second you did something wrong.

10.  please value laughter.

11.  try not to concentrate on the ones who have not reached out to you.  be grateful for the ones who have.

12.  value the idea of taking your own self into consideration for once.  even though maybe it took a f*cking cancer diagnosis to do it.

13.   cry if you need to.  the ones who love you want to make you feel better.

14.  it's okay to be scared.  and if you cry in front of your doctors and nurses, then i say bravo,  bc you are showing them you are human.  and they have seen it before.

15.  try to remember it can always be worse.

16.  don't hate your body.  (did i say this already?)

17.  remember -- your mojo will return.

18.  even if you don't believe it, there will be mornings when you wake up and you won't even think of cancer.

19.  your sleep will return.

20.  let yourself feel love.

21.  gratitude.

22.  never forget the value of a great pair of shoes.

23.  lipstick.

24.  lingerie.  that's right.  i said lingerie.  you are loved, remember?  the person you are with, whoever they are, could give a sh*t re scars.  they love YOU.

25.  and finally, be happy that you've been given a chance to know know who YOU are.


xx katy

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  1. Nice.
    I'd add -- don't let the cancer police scare you. I think some of them probably get a kick out of that -- makes them feel powerful. LOSERS. Perhaps I'm still angry thinking about the underbelly world.
    You ARE loved, Katy!


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