Saturday, April 6, 2013

i know my body?

we've heard it before.

you may have said it before.

'i know my body.'

let's hope so.

you live there.

but it is a fact,

there are cancers you cannot feel.

you cannot see.

they may be lurking,

as silent as a snake in the grass.

this isn't meant to frighten.

it's hopefully meant to enlighten.

make no mistake.

as well as you think you know yourself,

that you would somehow 'know' if you had cancer,

the fact is,

you can't.

don't wait for the lump to appear in your breast.

don't blow off your annual exam, bc you've been diligent w/your monthly 'selfies.'


breast self exams.

bc you think you'd know.

you would be failing your own self sister.

there are cancers in your breast that produce no lump at all.

no symptoms.

nothing you can feel.

nothing you can feel.

nothing you can see.

so mark your calendar.

re your mammo appointment.

truly, if you believe your life is a gift,

why not save it.

xx katy


  1. Please do some research & google "Dr. Helen Caldicott". She's not only a pediatrician but a world-renowned (nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Dr. Linus Pauling) expert on nuclear energy & radiation. She is convinced that radiation from many many sources is *causing* cancers... including the massive radiation women are being subjected to on their breasts each & every year. Dr. Caldicott thinks it's "criminal" for dentists to even x-ray their patients' teeth once a year!!

    Research has clearly shown that it's not at what stage breast cancer is found, that determines lifespan... it's the type of cancer that does. You can catch a very deadly & rapid-moving cancer very early & the outcome will be the same, after all is said & done.

    Please do some research about Dr. Helen. I trust her research & I would not get a yearly mammogram if you paid me. I'm not going to voluntarily subject my breast tissue to radiation that is known to cause cancer to begin with.

    Most sincerely & best wishes--Andrea

  2. Andrea -- I don't know you. But how do you counter the fact that it is a mammogram that found Katy's cancer EARLY in the first place?!



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