Saturday, April 13, 2013

survivors ready?

have you ever wanted to go on the television show, survivor?

i haven't.

but the godfather has.

once he went to an open call, but didn't make the call back, bc in his words, he didn't show them his 'true nature.'

could he have?

is that what godfathers do?

i don't know, i've never seen one play.

i was all for it, him being on the show.

he wasn't sure about the being gone so long part.

he said how will you manage with me being gone so long?

i said don't worry.  it will be worth it.

back in the early days of the show, the players were allowed to bring one 'luxury item.'

i said what will your luxury item be?

he said my visa card.

i said it doesn't work that way.

anyway, like i said, survivor was not in the cards, he was meant to stick around.

but the show continues to have it's own kind of legend.

jeff, in his low key survivor host way, asks the players on reward challenge days,

wanna know what you're playing for?

and of course here comes the oohs and aahs.

the rewards can be anything from pillows and blankets, flint for fire, hooks for fishing, or an afternoon picnic on some tucked away beach.

those players really suffer out there in the jungle.

they get hot.  sick.  tired.  snake bit.

some experience concentration camp levels of weight loss.

many endure mind fatigue.

all of it.

but mostly their cunning remains.

the build up of radiation effect has made me think of those challenges that start out 'easy.'

but as time elapses, the easy gets hard.

and harder.

and then harder still.

but it's not like you can drop your heavy barrel of water that you can no longer balance on your shoulder while standing on one foot.

there is no afternoon massage beneath a waterfall.

no flint.

yes fire though.

only it's beneath your skin.

still though.

there is reward.

when it's over.

just done.

survivors ready?


xx katy


  1. lol, I'd forgotten or didn't know that the godfathuh had tried out for Survivor. He woulda been good on that!

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