Friday, April 5, 2013

ya better shop around

if you listened to the radio during the late 70s, chances are you're familiar with the captain and tennille.

you remember tennille's haircut, as easily as you can remember 
dorothy hamill's wedge i'm sure.

the captain was a sexy mystery to me.

i thought tennille was a lucky girl.

what kind of name is tennille anyway?


they had a song about shopping around.

my momma told me, ya better shop around.

this came to mind yesterday at radiation. 

i've mentioned before, about the impromptu 'sit downs' among the other mob wives

i mean women waiting for the radiation treatment.

all kinds of women, young, old, tall, short, hair, no hair, every color and creed.

it's a regular united nations up in there.

minus the feds.

a woman told me yesterday, about her stage 2 tumor, 3.5 centimeters.

she went to a doctor, who said the tumor is too large to remove, you'll need a mastectomy.

so she went to dr. bear.

who we know by now is a top gun at massey cancer.

he doesn't need my plug here, he's enough of a rockstar on his own.

my point though is, this girl shopped around.

it was her body of course.

she had a right to hold onto it.

dr. bear said chemo first.

we'll shrink the tumor, then remove it via lumpectomy.

then we'll send you on to radiation.

which is where she met me.

the chemo sucked of course, but her tumor shrunk to below 1 centimeter.

dr. bear removed it in one fell swoop.

and now we're radiation mates.

shop around?


it can pay off.

you might be surprised at what it can save you.

xx katy


  1. Wow. Her story makes me wonder what if I'd chosen to shop around . . . who knows? I guess there's no point looking back now, for anyone newly diagnosed it's very, very good advice (if it can be managed). ~Catherine

  2. How funny -- I had googled the Captain not too long ago -- found out he has 2 different sized pupils. I'm a fan as well -- you're talking about all my faves here! :)
    Second opinions always -- 3rd, 4th, whatever it takes. Never trust one SOB with anything, let alone your life.
    -L'il P.


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