Friday, April 12, 2013

horse sense?

if you've ever ridden a bus or a train, or waited at an airport, or a doctor's office,

then you're pretty familiar with how easily spontaneous conversation can get started.

it's the same with the radiation waiting room.

it's surprising the conversations that seem to be fair game.

today i wore sandals with fairly high heels, with an easy lightweight dress.

note to future cancer patients -

the heels are fine, but you might want to rethink the dress, bc you have to take everything off from the waist up, and if you're wearing a dress, then you're kind of screwed from the waist down, and it's awkward holding the hospital gown together in the back, as you traipse down the hall to the vault.

once a week i have to meet with cal, the radiation oncologist.

so that means after your radiation, it's back in your street clothes, and also back to the radiation waiting area, until cal's ready to see you.

so when i rejoined the posse, i said what are you gals talking about?

they said we were just wondering how you walk in those shoes.

i said easy.

the one woman said i'm not wearing heels anymore, no way.

i said what about platforms?  then you can have height, minus the heel part.  

she said you're talking to an old hippie here.  i know all about platforms and bell bottoms.

i said ok then.  so you know.

she said no.  no heels for me.

(didn't i just say platforms weren't heels?)

i said you guys need to stop hatin' on my shoes.

 suddenly they were all in denial mode.

but i know a hater when i see one.

next subject.

how do you think you got your cancer?

here came an answer i never heard before.

the other woman said i got it from my horse.

i said horses can't give you cancer!

(did i say i wanted to be here?  no.)

she said i think mine did.

her name was daisy, and she was getting old and fussy.

and one day i was reaching in to give her hay, and she just bit me right through my breast, clamped right down, and four years later, that's where my cancer was.

i said you're really telling me you think you got your cancer from your horse named daisy?

and she said not really from daisy.

but bc of her.

she said i think something happened during the healing.

something changed, and got messed up.

i said are you talking about cellular activity?

you think that bite, then the healing, caused an upset somehow?

and she said yes.

and i said interesting.

next subject please.

i'll find out tomorrow.

cuz they'll be there.

as will i.

xx katy

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  1. I'd heard or read before that oh, perhaps, bodily injury to a breast could have contributed to breast cancer.
    What about when I scraped up my knee, will I get knee cancer. Or fell on my bum, will I get donkey booty cancer.
    Horse sense or non-sense? Who knows.



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