Tuesday, April 2, 2013


who doesn't want to feel protected in this life?

i never said i wanted to go into battle.

i never said i wanted to be 'super' anything.

super mom.

super woman.

super patient.

super survivor.

super duper anything.

living is enough.


 i do want protection.

why else would i be with a godfather?

and under the care of a dr. harry bear?


fight like a girl?


isn't that what hit men are for?

once the godfather got me a super duper watch.

i admit to having had my eye on it for a while.

i might have ripped pages out of magazines.

and left them in his stack of mail.

i probably 'casually' pointed out a billboard or two.

off the jersey turnpike.

or before the lincoln tunnel entering nyc.

or at the airport in miami.

so what a surprise when he smuggled it into the country.


i mean gave it to me for our anniversary.

what a surprise!

the next morning, early, our girls were still sleeping.

the sunlight was barely creeping thru the window, softly illuminating our bedroom, our heads still on our pillows.

i extended my arm, the one with the 'surprise' on my wrist.

what little light existed, blinded our eyes, when we looked at the watch.

it was heavy.  tough.  'a killer.'

i said wow.

i could really 'pop' someone with this if i needed to.

and kind of swung my arm over quickly, as though i was really in a kind of 'fight/protection' mode.

the godfather was still in his early morning haze.

he had simply opened his eyes.

i saw his reaction, that wtf?

but in my defense, i said seriously.

you never know.

and he said yes i do.

and i said no you don't.

and he said yes i do.

i know you'll never need to protect yourself with that watch.

and i said how do you know?

and he said i just do.

so far, re the cancer, the surgeries, the recoveries and treatments, he's been right.

he's been the one taking the bullet.

even though the target is me.

xx katy

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  1. I'll think of that watch as your Woman Woman bracelets -- deflecting cancer & bouncing it back. I hope it bounces right back onto the underbelly crew...heh, guess I'm fixated on that underbelly idea.


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