Wednesday, April 3, 2013

hey dennis

not too many people go along with an outline in their minds of how'd they'd be, act, feel, live, if they found out they had cancer.

i was such a person though, that whole brian's song thing really stuck with me.

but when i got it, there was a period where i really didn't know.

i think the godfather reminded me once, you're brian remember?

you can do this.

but brian didn't have breast cancer.

he was a tough, though tender hearted dude.

my kinda guy.

(do you think he could have been in the 'life'?)

there was a teeny amount of time, in the beginning, where i thought, do i have to put a pink ribbon on my car?

is that a kind of responsibility of mine now?

do i have to wear the t shirts, and carry the charms, and maybe acquire a pink boa?

i have no problems with boas.

and the godfather, if he's been behaving, is reminded of this.

anyway, it was kind of an issue, that cancer identity bs.

other than removing the color from my hair, to make it almost translucent, and then add pink to it, i've pretty much been the same.

for better or worse.

ask the godfather re this.

or our girls.

but friends have said to me,

i just don't know what i would do if i ever found out i got cancer.

and i tell them, you'll do it. 

you'll see.

you'll be the same way with cancer, as you are with everything else.

you'll still be yourself.

and i remind them, if i remember myself, to think of dennis rodman.

say what you want about him, but the records stand.

he was a phenomenal basketball player.

and yet, he remained, in spite of all the sh*tstorm surrounding behavior, conformity, etc,


as will you.

you'll see.

(but i hope you never have to find out)

xx katy

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  1. You may even be "more of yourself" than ever. To thine own self be true!

    I wish it wouldn't take cancer or any other bad event for most of us to check out of this bourgeois motel, push ourselves away from the dinner table and say, "No more Jell-o for me!"



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