Monday, April 1, 2013


let's hope you never find yourself in the witness protection program.

but if you are, cross your fingers the feds are being straight with you.

say you're a bank robber.  

and you're caught red handed, the dye on your very fingertips.

and the government tells you,

hey sammy.

we're willing to make a deal.

you'd listen i hope.

they'd say, we know you robbed the bank.  we have proof.

but we really want to know who you're working for,

just tell us.

  and we'll cut your time in 1/2.

granted, this makes you a kind of stool pigeon for the feds, but 6 yrs beats 20.

doesn't it?

what's my point?

my point is, you want to 'trust' the authorities, right?

you want to believe you'll get your 6, since that was the deal.

but after it's said and done,

 and the whole gnarly badda bing thing is over,

what if you're put away for 20 after all?

this would be legit b*llshit, right?

i'm not answering such an obvious question.

there are people who say right out in the open, there is more money to be made in cancer treatment, than in cancer prevention or cure.

i can feel a coolness in my very own blood right here, right now, wondering if there is truth in that.

the treatment costs are over the moon.

in another stratosphere.

who gets the treatment money?

where do those cats live?

is there an underbelly here?

like in so many other areas?





i wonder.

xx katy

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  1. YES. I wonder too. This topic feeds right into my innate paranoia -- which actually, is so innate as for me to consider it's not actually paranoia at all, but rather more of a survival instinct, or just pure instinct point blank.
    I believe this -- there is an underbelly in the cancer world. The medical world, period. It is my opinion that most doctors are in medicine for the money anyway and/or other nefarious reasons. I don't even wanna get started on men who want carte blanche to carve up women's bodies.
    To those who are part of the evil underbelly, I'd like to stick a virulent cancer right up their ass.


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