Sunday, April 14, 2013

date with a mobster

i'm a true fan of the color black.  few colors are so consistently easy to wear.

it's strong and simple, basic.

mobsters are long time fans.

the godfather began wearing it one too many xs head to toe though.

the other morning i said come on.  you're going to have to stop with all the black.

he said i like it.

i said i like it too.

but there are other colors.

out the door he went though, in his godfather head to toe fashion statement.

and the next day too.

and i believe the day following, though i don't keep track.

the final two treatment days are tomorrow and the next day.


the godfather had to go out of town this morning, will return wednesday, treatments in rear view by then.

i was meant to go along, though it would have involved interruption of treatment, something i wanted to avoid.

i did not want anything disrupting the trajectory of the cancer fighting missle, bc if it were to come back down the road, i know myself well enough to know i would wonder,

should i not have interrupted treatment?

i didn't want that head trip, so one of our daughters went with him, which is a very nice thing for them both.

on friday, before treatment, i was in a real hole in the wall scouting for vintage, and these places are sometimes very heavy on the nostalgia, and sometimes they can put you in a moment, an emotional moment, especially if there is tom petty and stevie nicks playing on the radio.

and i wanted to call the godfather and say hey.  what are you doing?

even though i knew he was at his office.  duh.  but still, i wanted to call.  but i told myself, stop being such a f*cking baby.

so i didn't.

as i was getting help hauling heavy old stuff on the truck bed, marcia, in her uncanny timing way, called.

how did she know i needed to talk right then?

i'm telling you again future cancer patients, a marcia is your secret weapon for digging your own selves out of dark holes.

we chatted as i drove from the vintage place, to the hospital for treatment, and since i was early, i stayed in the truck to chat on phone.  

as we were chatting, i saw through the rearview a handsome and pleasant looking dude.

he was wearing a mulberry type colored collared shirt.  it was a good color. i thought oh.  the godfather would look really good in a color like that.

and then, as that handsome and pleasant looking fellow got closer, i realized wtf, it is the godfather.

i said marcia! (not her real name)

it's the godfather!  (not his real name)

she said oh ok! well go ahead then.

i said yeah really, off to our radiation date.

i really was surprised.

i hadn't called him about the nostalgia re the vintage, or the tom petty and the stevie nicks.

but obviously he could see i'd been somewhere, the truck was loaded with what he sometimes calls 'bullsh*t.'

this is before he sees the final product though.

i said i can't believe you're here.

how did you know i needed to see you?

he said i just know.

i said no really.  i didn't call you.  how did you know?

he said again, i just know.

him being a godfather, i swear i had the fleeting thought, but didn't say, do i have some kind of emotional gps implanted somehow that i don't know about?

mobsters are very adept at bugging things.

it was very sweet though, a mobster in mulberry.

who knew?

xx katy

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  1. Bonnie & Clyde, Mutt & Jeff, Frick & Frack, Yin & Yang. :)


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