Friday, February 22, 2013


now that i've met with the radiation oncologist, you might say i'm a baller.

but i wouldn't.

no way.

i'm a rookie, remember?

but somehow, thanks to yesterday, i seem to have made it past first base.

not because i'm a superstar, but because it's just the nature of the game.

i was pretty happy on the bench in the dugout, btw.

it was cool there.  no drama.

i never said i wanted to walk up to the plate and swing.

or strike out.

 prior to actually meeting the doctor yesterday, there were several other technical and medical professionals who wanted to brief us on his status before he actually entered the consult room.

so it was funny and strange when he finally walked in, and the godfather shook his hand, and said 'you look just like cal ripken.'

and 'cal' said, yeah.  but he's getting older.

an oncologist with a sense of humor can't be a bad thing.

it was my turn at bat.

we were there to discuss strategy for getting on base.

i'm not saying i've hit a homer yet, at any point in this cancer game. i have not cracked a ball way out of the stands, bases loaded,  crowd roaring.

far from it.

more, it's been the godfather up in the stands, along with our daughters, and a few others who have showed up for the game.

marcia of course.

i never wanted to feel like a spectacle.

starring myself in some kind of twisted cancer world series.

how not fun would that be?

 i prefer the low key.

i'm definitely more a fan of the backyard ball game.

minus the scorecard.

so far though, i've managed a half hearted bunt, which seems to have landed me solidly on first.

this was achievable after the three surgeries finally produced clear margins.

i was at bat for a while.

strike one.


there were a couple of foul balls.

now, i'm making my way to 2nd.

on to treatment with cal!

i can hear the muffled cheers from the dusty stands.

you got this mom!

 go get it girl!

i can see the base, despite the obstacles.

what i'm looking for, when this game is finally 'over', (though they say there is a way that it never really can be) is an old school, straight up by the books, can't be 'bought,' non crooked, solid, referee.

i want to hear that word, so definitively spoken.


xx katy

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