Saturday, February 9, 2013

who ya gonna call?

does this ride look familiar? 

 it's the ambulance used in the ghostbusters movie.  in college, i spent a semester in nyc interning at rolling stone magazine. at the time i thought i might like to work there.  ugh.  until i actually did.

but new york was great.  i lived on central park west, 4 blocks south of the dakota, where john lennon was shot.  

ugh again.

every morning i'd walk along the park, cross over central park south, turn right at the plaza hotel, then cross 5th ave into the offices of rolling stone.

there were some exciting moments.  and plenty that weren't. just like anything.  

one morning there was a huge commotion on the street.  another movie scene was being shot.

it was the scene from ghostbusters, where the ambulance gets covered in foam.

i was thinking ho hum.  how dumb.

what did i know?

the ghostbusters soundtrack though, has played in my mind off and on over the years, that whole who ya gonna call part.

i've thought of it, re this cancer bs.

if i didn't know there was cancer, and the mammogram had to tell me, then that's a kind of ghostbuster moment, as i see it.

who cares if i'm right?

i couldn't see it or feel it, but it was there.

lurking, just like a ghost.

and i think even now re the question.  who ya gonna call?

are there baby ghosts lurking?

should i have bill murray and dan akroyd on speed dial?

are there ghosts?

if you can't see them, or feel them, does that mean they're not there?

who knows?

not me.

xx katy

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