Saturday, February 23, 2013

cancer kitty?

i hesitate to begin a post with the words, 'this might sound strange, but....'

but there's no other way to do it.

this might sound strange, but i have read recently about more than a few women whose kitty cats gravitated toward their breast cancer.  

before they knew they had it.

you can stop reading now.

and if you never return, i wouldn't blame you. 

but these are 'bona fide' accounts.  not substantiated in medical journals, this is just old fashioned over the fence kind of girl talk here.

one woman happened to mention it.

then another said hey, me too.  

and so on.

i admit to not being a cat lover.

i'm fine with people who are.

i've loved only one cat in my life, and that's the cat one of my sister's got during trick or treating back when we lived in cincinnati, which made me about 7 or 8 at the time.

i guess she couldn't remember which house in particular had given out kittens instead of hershey bars, but at any rate, our parents let her keep it.

and they named it whitey.

and he was a decent cat, until he ran away when we took him with us to visit our cousins in pennsylvania.

and as we loaded the station wagon when it was time to head back, we called out, whitey! come on!  we're leaving now!

but he had taken off for the cornfields of western pa.

for a long time after that, i imagined him running.

you hear of stories now and then about a long lost pet who returned after 12 yrs or so.

but not whitey.

i used to think god whitey.  you've got nerve.

so that was the end of my one and only cat love affair.

never again.

but these women swear that their beloved fluffy, or cupid, or whatever their names are, never came to a certain side of their chests for nuzzling.  not ever.

 until their cancer came.

these are long time cat owners.

and cats are kind of creatures of habit.

and cat owners tend to let their cats be.

i don't get it.  

but that's how they are.

they snuggle or they don't.

  what's the point?

but these women, in their steadfast way, say these tiny cougars at some point, started to come directly to the right or left side.  so much so, so intently so, that it caused them to wonder.

these 'cat ladies' asked themselves, what the hell?

and they were curious enough to look closer themselves.

and they noticed very subtle differences.

not lumps.

only slight dimpling.

or very easy to miss inversions.

or a previously unnoticed dry patch.

so they thought hmmm to themselves.

i wonder if this means anything?

so they went to the dr.

and it did mean something.

it meant it was cancer.

in each of those cat finding cases.

so. damn. strange.

i'm not saying here kitty kitty.

no way.

but i find it very curious.

did curiosity kill the cat?

not in these cases.

but maybe the cat's curiosity somehow helped not kill it's mama.

hope kitty gotta treat.

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  1. I'd forgotten that about Whitey! I hear they train dogs to sniff out cancer. I don't doubt it. Nelly would locate my scar & nudge my shirt sleeve up with her nose & give it a licking. How about them apples. Funny you mention cats -- I sent Doug's Dad a greeting post-op after his surgery, & being the kitty lovers they are, it was this pic:



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