Thursday, February 7, 2013

paging ms. phaedra

do you watch the housewives?  love ms. phaedra, shown here.
i've been thinking about her recently, wondering if she might make a decent spokeswoman for breast cancer awareness.

phaedra always seems to dish out her sage southern nuggets of wisdom tempered with a preface of 'everybody knows'.

it's sultry, spicy, and southern. pure, unadulterated, phaedra magic.

everybody knows you need your mammogram.

everybody knows you can have breast cancer and never feel a lump.

see.  that's the thing.  i didn't know that.  i've had regular mammograms for 10 years, and never once knew you could get a call back without feeling a lump.

everybody should know that.  

and maybe ms. phaedra could tell us.

everybody knows an inverted nipple is a sign of breast cancer.

tell that to the 32 year old who lived with that for a year, never knowing it was breast cancer.  never knew that was a sign. 

whoosh.  the year went by.

 when she went in, after that year, she was stage IV.

stage IV.

she didn't know.

phaedra?  what do you think?

everybody knows that could have been averted.  

no wait.  everybody doesn't know that.

everybody knows dimpling of the breast can be a sign of cancer.

i didn't know that.  

did you?

everybody knows we should do our self exams.

thanks phaedra.

everybody knows we shouldn't put off our mammograms just because we don't feel a lump.

thanks pheadra again.

everybody knows that if i put off my routine mammo this year, then the cancer that was there, that i couldn't feel, could have easily spread.

everybody (ok, mostly everybody) knows how awful that would have been.  especially the godfather and our daughters.

  i'm glad i went on schedule.

but what if i didn't?

everybody knows they need to keep up with their mammo's.

but does everybody know what can happen if they don't?

i know phaedra's busy working on her donkey booty workout video with apollo and all, but maybe when she wraps with that, she can give it some thought.

everybody knows it could help.

xx katy


  1. Phaedra is hilarious! She can say anything with her delivery. I have some of her soundbites on my phone. I also have an exam comin' up myself.

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