Friday, February 15, 2013

flash mob

wanna feel young at 50?

step right up, a breast cancer diagnosis can facilitate that.

i turned 50 in april.  the godfather asked - what would you like for your birthday?

i said i'd like for you to wear gucci loafers with no socks please, with either dress shorts or slacks.

he said no way.

i said why not?  it's my birthday.  you asked what i wanted, and that's what i want.

he said i'm not doing it.  you'll have to come up with something else.

i said ok.

i thought about it, and after a couple days, i said i know what i want for my birthday.

he said ok, what?

i said i'd like a flash mob.

he said a what?

i said a flash mob.

he said get serious.  how am i supposed to get you a flash mob?

i said you're a smart guy.  you'll figure it out.

fast forward, a couple weeks went by.  

it was my birthday.

the godfather asked, what would you like me to cook?

i said you have to ask?

he said just tell me.

i said i'd love your yummy burgers on the grill please.  

he said ok.

it was a mild late april eve, the sun was low, we ate out on the deck, all our girls were here.

after that, the air shifted.  they said okay.  time for your blindfold!

i said what?

they said blindfold!  no peeking!

this was weird, but i went along.

they led me down the stairs to our lower deck, and positioned me in a chair, said ok, you can look now!

one by one, each of them appeared, in song and dance formation.

ella and claire first, complete with razzle dazzle arms and sparkle fingers.

then gracie and hannah, in unison, moves coordinating with ella and claire's.

this was my flash mob.

i kind of lost it, but not really.

my throat really caught when the godfather strutted out in his swim trunks and fireman's hat, scavenged from the dress ups.

it was a big moment.

such a huge surprise!

later this year, we know what happened, the diagnosis came, blah blah blah.

when i woke up from the second surgery, the one that really kicked my ass, the nurse asked, how are you doing?

i said ok i guess.  it's my girls i'm worried about.  she said don't worry.  they'll be screened much earlier bc you got diagnosed young.

i said i'm not young.  i'm 50.

she said that's young for cancer.

i said oh yeah?

i think i might have smiled. 

then i probably winced.

who knew.  

happy birthday rookie baby.

xx katy

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  1. Excellent. I wish there was a video! :)


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