Tuesday, February 12, 2013

off to see the wizard

just so you know, the image above is kind of what it feels like when cancer enters your world.

it's dorothy, from the wizard of oz.


it was just her and her little dog toto, livin' the dream with her auntie em and uncle henry, out there on that humble farm in kansas.

until that bitch showed up.

what was her deal anyway?

what could she possibly have had against toto?

seriously, why did she knock on their door? 

who did she think she was, making those threats, trying to disrupt so many lives?

can you blame dorothy for running?

i can't.

poor dorothy.


after a strange and treacherous storm, (or was it a dream?)

she found herself in techno color.

waking up to an unfamiliar, though shimmering, bright and colorful world.

 so many strangers welcoming her. (munchkins.) they were friendly enough, though their language was completely unfamiliar.


i'm in oz now.

i'd like to find the wizard too.

 i'm hustlin' here,  trying to navigate that tricky, though vibrant, yellow brick road.

i'd ask him please sir, might you have a cure?

 so many creatures, cruising that worn and winding road.

if i only had a brain.

a heart.

certainly courage.

screw glinda.  the 'good witch.'  she's no help.

paging the wizard.

can you hear me?

xx katy

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  1. Holla! Not sure I could ever totally agree with Dorothy's assessment at the end of the movie where she says if she couldn't find something in her own backyard, she never really lost it to begin with. Or something like that. I'd head for the Wizard too.


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