Saturday, February 2, 2013

cancer house

if you had a cockroach in your kitchen, would you try and get rid of it?

of course.

you wouldn't think oh.  it's just a tiny little roach, what can it hurt?  

would you?

i'd hope not.

that kind of thinking can turn your house into a veritable 'roach motel.'  


who wants a cockroach in their bedroom?

not me.

and neither do you.

this is how i've come to understand this kind of cancer in situ. hooray. it's only in the kitchen.

thank god i don't have to worry about stepping out of the shower and feel something crawling across my foot.

this is the difference between radiation and chemo.

i'm lucky, because i don't need to have my entire house fumigated.

but i'll be damned if i'm letting those suckers stay in my kitchen.

they can burn that cockroach and the cockroaches comrades before they can even think about marching into my family room.

see?  there's a way to be thankful for radiation.

but you still never know.

have you ever treated for ants, and found them anyway? 

one day we be could celebrating in the dining room, singing happy birthday, and see one of those bastards crawling right across a plate.


but we hope not.

xx katy



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