Sunday, February 10, 2013

gym class

if you stop and think about it, you can probably easily come up with a lot of women you know, of know of, who have, or have had breast cancer.

there's tons.

it's a good and bad thing.  

the good thing of course, is that you can stop and say hey. look at her. she had it, and she's fine!  

is she?

or so and so had it, and you'd never know.  

that's true.

the bad thing of course,  is that she had it.  

the bad thing is that so many do.

the bad thing is that so many will.

the other day, i picked up one of our daughters from school.

she's a sophomore in high school.  16 yrs. old.

she said 'a girl in my gym class has breast cancer.'

i said no way.

she said yes.  she does.

she said all the women in her family have had it.

and many of them have died.

the girl in her gym class is 16.

16 yrs old.

my hands feel heavy even typing this here.

i don't know this girl.  but i wonder.  

how does she know?

did they do the genetic testing?

these tests save lives.


a sophomore in stinkin' gym.

man.  oh.  man.


yeah.  really.

xx katy

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