Saturday, February 16, 2013

i got you babe

my sister just sent out a valentine's greeting featuring sonny and cher.

what's not to love?

when the godfather and i got married, that was our wedding song, i got you babe, though it was the reggae version, the one done by UB40 and chrissy hynde.

all good stuff.

 one afternoon, early on in the cancer hunt, it was cool enough for a jacket, not cold enough for a coat.

 fur vest again.

as i was driving, the godfather called and asked, what are you doing?

i said i'm driving.

he said to where?

i said why do you want to know?

he said god katy.  just tell me.

i said well.  if you must know, i'm on my way to see dr. niamtu.  i'm going for botox.  and don't say no.  because it's enough having cancer, don't make me have wrinkles too.

he said whatever.

when i arrived at the office, soon enough the plucky and effervescent, one of a kind, dr. niamtu, strolled in the room.

i say my vest is mafia, but au contraire. not him.

 he said whoa! straight away. then he turned and walked straight  out.

a couple minutes passed, and when he returned, he was strumming an accoustic guitar, singing i got you babe.

sonny and cher.  and here i was, channeling the mob.


he said i just can't help myself here.  your vest is so sonny and cher!

i said yeah ok.  i guess i can see how it has that vibe.

then it was down to business.  

 wrinkle 911.

cancer's a drag. but so are wrinkles.  

might as well do what you can.

why not?

does botox cause cancer?


though my father, a retired physician, is somewhat old school about such things.  he has said on occasion over the years, katy. stop with the botox.  it will give you cancer.

and my response was always, oh but hey!  think how fab i'll look in my coffin!

this was a joke of course.

xx katy


  1. I'd forgotten that was your wedding song. shout out! I like the sounds of that doc -- trippy, man! Cher wouldn't abide wrinkles -- so why should we. I've heard that under her all her weaves & wigs, Cher hair is actually, Cher hair, just as you'd imagine it.
    -donna M.

  2. I made a tribute vid for you & the Godfather!




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