Thursday, February 21, 2013

chucky's rap

did chucky get a bad rap?

i'm talking about the 'evil' doll.

how bad could he have really been?

he was only a kid.

i mean doll.

i've wondered about this over the years.

i've walked into many conversations about how bad

chucky was. is.

and then the bride of chucky too of course.

and if they had children, god they'd be super evil too.

so the story would go.

and so on.


once i asked my buddhist friend about this.

i thought he had a really non judgmental buddhist type answer.

i said do you think chucky was really as bad as everyone made him out to be?

 he said no, i think chucky just got a bad rap.

and then he said, i think we could have been friends, if only he'd taken the time to get to know me.

this is among the reasons i love him, largely for where he lets his mind go.

i've spent my fair share of time in chucky jail.

even to the point that a distant 'relative' asked me recently -

do you think the cancer is a punishment?

i said for what?

this relative began to backpedal, and said oh.

i don't think that.

but you know how 'some people' do.

i said i don't 'relate' to that kind of thinking.

i don't believe that.

dna does not always = family.

so i've come to understand.

i'll bet there are popes who's sisters or cousins have had breast cancer.

i'll bet there are murderers who do not.

xx katy


  1. Totally agree. Cancer is not a punishment (thought it IS punishing with that treatment), it's just a random, fracked-up, and unfortunate disease.

  2. Hear, hear! So true. It is not a punishment -- that is not logical. If that were true -- what about kids w/ cancer -- I guess they deserved it? Life is a fatal disease -- cancer isn't. Chucky would whack someone in the knees if they told him he was being punished. Life is random -- the chaos theory. Everybody has or will have health issues -- every.single.body. I'd rather laugh w/ the sinners than cry w the saints. Thank you Billy Joel.

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