Sunday, March 10, 2013

atomic boy

my friend told me once that the ones who become poets, dancers, painters, chefs, are the ones who simply never stopped doing it.

they fell in love with those things when they were children mostly, and just held onto their passion.

i can dig it.

the things i do now at age 50 are the things i've loved my whole life.

do you think the kid in this photo could have invented radiation?

i wonder.

he looks like a wiz kid to me.

his trip probably wasn't baseball or football, or music, or even cooking.

 but i'll bet he thought science was fun.

thank you wonder boy!

we need you in this world!

what drives us?

curiosity mostly.

imagine the dudes standing on planet earth, pointing up at the moon.  asking themselves, i wonder what it's like up there?

i remember the day the astronauts cruised out of their space ship on that maiden moonwalking voyage, in those weird and puffy space suits, and planted the american flag on the surface of the moon.

plunk.  smack dab on the moon on the moon itself.

the moon!

how crazy is that?

but it was real. 

 i saw it with my very own moon watching eyes.

it was summer, we were visiting our cousins,  all of us surrounding the small black and white television set at the end of their kitchen table.

someone probably said wow.

well i'll be damned.

imagine that.

but the imagination part had long been ignited in the hearts and minds of the young scientists and physicists so many years earlier.

the moon walking moment we were watching was simply fruition of that early and long ago spark.

even if it was barely a flicker then.

cancer is being cured in inches. 



you'll see.

the passionate souls doing the research now, these former wonder boys and girls, need all the help they can get.

help = funding.

no one wants to go into a radiation vault.

and one day, perhaps no one will have too.

wouldn't that be something.

imagine that.

xx katy

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  1. That's exactly why I love me some freaks & geeks. Intelligence is sexy! They're working on formulating cancer treatment with your own DNA. I'm rather a realist, but about the sci-fi stuff, I remain ever the optimist. One day they'll cure old age. And cancer.

    -donna m.


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