Saturday, March 30, 2013


i don't want to overstate, nor understate, the effects of daily radiation treatment.

everyone is different, everyone's radiation experience unique.

side effects like skin change and fatigue are not uncommon, largely anticipated.

the further you go along, the more these effects will reveal themselves.

they will compound.

a friend told me to 'think of it like a marathon.'


a marathon?

i've never participated in one, in any capacity, as participant or fan, though i knew what he meant.

he was talking about endurance.

this i understood.

i've never been able to relate to the concept of how such a singular pursuit like running, can generate so much support on the sidelines.

the ratio doesn't equate.

anyway, i have no doubt the fans on the sidelines are appreciated.

my young neighbor was coming back from a run the other morning, as i was heading out for radiation.

we intersected.

she told me she and her husband had decided to run the massey cancer race in my honor.

this made me cry.

 though i was in the late morning sunlight, therefore wearing my sunglasses, and she wouldn't have known, i told her anyway.

you're making me cry.

a run in my honor?

does she know who i am?

it is amazing the light that comes through.

amazing race indeed.

xx katy

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  1. Sweet! Very cool of your neighbor. I think it's better to be built for endurance, & not for speed. Like the tortoise & the hare story - or how coal becomes a diamond.


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