Friday, March 29, 2013

hump day

i understand today was 'hump day.'

today was treatment 17.  meaning 16 to go, meaning the numbers ahead are less then the numbers behind.

i hate math.

the total = 33.

33 - 17 = 16.

16 < 17.


if a girl goes to the doctor, and the doctor says,

no more monkeys jumping on the bed,


i mean, the doctor says,

you need to come back.

so you do.

and do and do and do and do,

and dododododododododo,

xs infinity,

eventually you lose count.

you'll think you'll remember, but likely you won't.

so when finally, treatment phase comes around,

and you've been on the cancer-go-round for three seasons already,

when someone says today is hump day, you say


hump day?

and they say yes!

as though you're at a party you didn't realize was happening.

and there you are, in your hospital gown, minus the party hat.

the only noise maker is dumbo of course.

(he's always invited)

(on the ready with his radiant gifts)

hump day, in the radiation treatment world, is when the day arrives, where you've gotten to the 1/2 way point.

a celebration indeed!

but i didn't know they called it that.


now i do!

happy hump day.

hump rhymes with lump, rhymes with slump, rhymes with bump, rhymes with dump, rhymes with frump, rhymes with grump, etc...

all these words can go in the cancer picnic basket.

which i will take on my happy hump day outing.

xx katy

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