Tuesday, March 19, 2013

radiant bras

who says pain equals beauty?

or beauty is painful?

i'm getting it confused, but it's something like that.

no pain.

no gain.

i think that's kind of bs.

i'm all for sexy, though hopefully functional bras please.

are they the same?

they could be.

they should be.

maybe they are!

i decided it was time to find out, i needed some 'support' for these slightly altered, slowly burning 'girls.'

since those initial biopsies began, and we're talking months now,
my breasts have been injected many xs over.

sometimes with dye.

shot through to center with thick hollow needles.

had wires inserted.





drawn on.

cut, sewn, and glued again.

and again.





peered at.

touched clinically.

all in the name of examination.

now of course, they're getting burned.

but only one day at a time.

9 treatments down.

24 to go.

that equals 33 doesn't it?

33 times.

not too bad so far.

last week i had a little sunburn feeling.

this week i feel a bit more, like tiny poprocks are exploding in the upper portion of my tired old right breast.

the godfather asks,

how's it going today?

i say fine.  but i seem to be feeling poprocks inside my skin.

he says it'll be ok.

i say yeah.


it's time to get some sexy back.

 i texted the g'father -- i need some new bras.

he said ok.

i was thinking damn right it's ok.

but i didn't text that back.


 i'm not the same size anymore.

one side is a little smaller.

oddly, they say radiation can make it change again.

go figure.

so i'm in a strange kind of in between.

a no man's land.

that part is bullsh*t, btw.

(the no man's land part.)

(winking to g'father here.)

in the meantime, lace is beginning to feel not too comfy.

do you want to wear scratchy lace when you have a really bad sunburn?


the world of smooth edges, clean lines, decent support, thoughtful closures,  and sensitive fabric is not a very large world.

can sexy and comfy co-exist?

i say yes so far, i believe it does.

next week, who knows?

will i care?


will it matter?

who knows?

poprocks today.

 jiffy pop tomorrow?

and the next?

bottle rockets?

who knows.

xx katy

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