Monday, March 25, 2013

manic monday

t.g.i.f. has taken on a whole new meaning since the radiation began.

when friday rolls around, and the radiation techs say have a nice weekend it really 'radiates' with me, two radiation vacation days ahead.


these two days really offer a reprieve for the skin, a shot at repair.

of course though, then comes monday.

as the bangles say, just another manic monday.

i wish it was sunday.

that's my funday.

my i don't havta run day....

20 more days.

counting weekends that means 4 more weeks.

m - f

four more t.g.i.f.'s.

after today, only 3 more mondays...

the godfather and i try to spin it as best we know how, which isn't much.

if we say 13 down, that still leaves 20 to go.

if we say 4 weeks, that's still a month.

one day at a time.

that's what the pros say.

rookie's always learning'.....

fuh. getta. bout. it.

as the 'family' says.

count down continues.

happy monday!

xx katy

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