Friday, March 15, 2013

playing hooky

raise your hand if you like to play hooky.


a break from the doldrums never hurt anyone.

big deal you miss a day of school.

or call in 'sick' to the office.

i think these days they call it a 'mental health' day?

my girls try and call it a 'me day.'  as in, come on mom, can't i just have a 'me day' today?

you might call it a stay-cation.

a play-cation.


it's all the same.

i've been thinking about dipping out.

just taking some kind of break.

it doesn't matter where really.

i just want off the cancer - go - round for a day or two.

what could it hurt?

could it hurt?

there's no real way of knowing.


if you're going to play hooky, it's not something you announce ahead of time.

you just do it.

that's the whole idea.


you don't call the cancer center ahead of time, and say oh by the way,

just so you know,

i'm playing hooky tomorrow.

and maybe the next day also.

i won't be coming in.

so schedule someone else in my slot please.

i'm going to be cruising the back roads somewhere, top down, phone off.

i won't be able to hear you if you call.

i'm not checking email either.

i could so dig that.

i'm already there in my mind.


the thing with playing cancer hooky is, 

you can't really get away from it can you?

bc you take your body with you.

so no matter where you go,

there you are.

and whatever carcinogenic cells remain,

they ride shotgun.

so it kind of defeats the point.

xx katy

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