Saturday, March 23, 2013


 there are times when i'm considered 'laid back.'  i've actually been described as being a 'pretty laid back person.'

laid back i am not.

 whatever the opposite of laid back is, that's me.

so i don't get that perception at all.  it befuddles my overly taxed, slightly corrupt mind.

 yesterday, when it was time for my weekly visit with the radiation oncologist, it kind of blew my mind a little, when i was accused of that whole laid back thing yet again.

my skin was beginning to break down, not uncommon at this point during treatment.

the sunburn feeling had gone from slight burn, to poprocks, and sometimes a little beyond.

i'd done the comfy though hopefully sexy bra shopping thing.

but i hadn't considered the underwire.

god so 'obvie' (as our youngest says, short for obvious).

my rookie status was ever so evident there.

who knew to think of the underwire?  that it could be an enemy of skin?

not me.

anyway, i was wondering if no bra was better.

but i'm 50.  have nursed 4 babies.

i don't want to see myself out in public with no bra, and trust me, neither do you.

but around the house?


how nice the cool air feels through my sweater, when i'm cooking out back.

oh sweet mercy.

but my daughters, hawks that they are, say wait.

are you not wearing a bra?

see what i mean?

it's obvie.

i say that's right.  no bra.  but i'm in my own d*mn kitchen so it should be okay.

that shouldn't be a crime.

should it?

so yesterday, skin searing a bit, i dressed in layers, then more layers, then added a scarf.

hello world.  i'm braless today, but you don't know it!

re the laid back though.  the point of this whole story.

the radiation oncologist said well.

  why not just go free?

you've got pink hair for god's sake.

you're laid back enough to go braless.

see what i mean?

what does pink hair have to do with that?

how are they linked?

laid back i am not.

braless at home, yes i am.

skin please, my prayer to you is hold on.  

21 more treatments.

weekend furloughs.

i'm being as laid back as i can.

foreign territory though.


xx katy

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  1. Sorry about the skin issues. That really blows. I hope you'd do whatever it is that makes you comfortable. I totally understand that "laid back" thing -- I got called "laissez faire" on a job once (of course, that was in an ice cream shop, I mean how hard-nosed are you supposed to be about serving ice cream?) -- someone later said to me, "ah, that's such a Republican word". I got the meaning. To me, it's a compliment. High maintenance peeps give me hives.


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