Sunday, March 17, 2013

elephant ride

the godfather came back into the radiation suite the other day.

he got the chance to see 'dumbo' for his very own eyes.

little did i know, he snapped a picture of me beneath it, that hulking, elephant like machine.

me and dumbo, during our regularly scheduled late morning date.

i didn't know he took it, so was surprised when i saw it.

i said god.  what an awful picture.

show no one.

too late.

one of our daughters works at his office a couple days a week after school.

she said i saw your radiation picture.

it was weird.

i said it is weird!

had i known, i might have smiled, or straightened my gown or hair.

oh well.

who poses for radiation shots?

but dumbo has been on my mind.

i texted the godfather the other day,

i'd like to ride an elephant.

 then poof.

the thought went out of my mind.

i can't say i would have thought about it again.

this morning i walked outside to get the paper at the end of the drive.

when i returned to the house, the godfather was at the top of the porch steps, arms folded across his chest, like he was super VIP.

sometimes this is okay with me.

sometimes not.

he said an elephant?

i said what?

he said you want to ride an elephant?

i said yes.

yes i do.

he said i know a place.

i said you do?

he said yes.

i said how?

he said i just do.

it's out near bottoms bridge.

he has a way of being a kind of institute of random facts.

but like most godfathers, he's 'connected.'

by the time i brought the paper in, made the coffee, and laid it out on the table, he'd gotten it lined up.

elephant ride.

here i come.

sorry dumbo.

you can work your magic.

the godfather will work his.

xx katy


  1. I love the elephant photograph. I can't wait to hear about your elephant ride. I grew up in South Africa and had some time with elephants as a child. I love them. Interesting though, I too saw an elephant in radiation, it was the top of the hook which hung down from the ceiling for patients to grab if they couldn't get off the bed by themselves. I wonder if this is the same one you saw?

    Thanks again for another entertaining post.

  2. Katy! That is a great idea. I rode an elephant once -- at a renaissance faire! It was a short lil trip around a fenced in area, but I remember being kinda shocked how high up they are & I thought man, one dip forward or down, and I'm a-tumblin' off. I became Queen Beulah that day -- due to um, other reasons, lol. Do it!! Fun!
    -donna M.


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