Thursday, March 21, 2013


just because i happen to be married to the godfather, that doesn't mean i don't expect him to be superman on occasion.

just bc he's downtown working in metropolis, doesn't mean he can't help me find a parking spot in the hospital parking lot, miles from his office, in the late morning pouring down rain.

 he's supposed to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound isn't he?

such was the case the other morning, not a spot to be found.

it was looking like i might have to commit some kind of civil (criminal?) offense.  

would it be reported in the daily planet?

did i care?

the only available spaces were in the handicapped spots, right next the the radiation entry door.

the rain came down.

what does lois lane do in a pinch?

  calls clark kent of course.

ring ring ring......


(clark kent on the line)

aka superman.

aka godfather.


what's up?

i can't find a parking spot.


it's pouring down rain, and the only ones available are the handicapped ones, and i don't want to get a ticket, but i don't want to be late for my radiation appointment either.

i'll take care of it.

 music to my lois lane ears.

you will? i say, hopefully injecting swoon over the line.

yes.  just park in the handicapped spot, go in, and tell them what happened.

i said ok.  but if i get a ticket, i'm not dealing with it, i'm just telling you now.

he said ok.

there are times when 'crimes' are committed, that are just not worth doing the time for.

 so after hanging up, and cracking my knuckles prayer formation style, i walked in and announced,


i'm here to confess a crime.

there were two receptionists.

one laughed.  the other did not.

what did i care?

i needed to get this off my chest pronto, so i could move on down to radiation.

i had to remember this wasn't the crime desk at the daily planet, i wasn't really lois lane, it shouldn't have been too big a deal.

but my car was definitely illegally parked.

and it was raining.

and i needed to be on time.

i said i've parked my car in the handicapped spot.

i'm just telling you up front here.

and i don't want to get a ticket, bc i tried and tried to find a spot,  but there wasn't one, and i can't be late for radiation.

i said that kind of fast but i needed to confess quickly, so i could get suited up for the zapping.

i don't think they really gave a sh*t.

the one who didn't laugh said, 'we have nothing to do with that.'

i said so i won't get a ticket?

she said no.  i don't know if you will or not.  we're not security.  we don't know when they patrol.

i said come on.

she said it's not in our control.

my fingers are actually tapping the keys here as i write this, wondering again to myself, does she know i have the godfather on speed dial?

does she?

i said will you at least be my lookout?

she said no.

i said you're not going to be my lookout?  seriously? it's pouring down rain, i've come in, confessed this 'crime' directly, i'll be here for only a few minutes, and you won't help a sister out?

she said that's not in our control.

(cracking knuckles here.)


as luck would have it, no ticket.

superman to the rescue?

who can say?

xx katy

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  1. Nice to have someone in your corner! What's THAT like? I wonder if the godfather has jurisdiction in TN. The fuzz seem to like to give me tickets when there's bigger fish they ought to be frying. Maybe its cuz I drive a Crown Vic & they want me to know that they know I'm not a cop. Don't trust yourself to no backwoods southern lawyuh, as the song says. Not that I need a lawyer or anything.



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