Monday, March 4, 2013

head trip

if someone told you, out of the blue, uh.  pardon me ma'am.  sorry to inform you.

but you have head lice.

your head would start to itch, don't you think?


even though it didn't itch before.

but once you were told, somehow you found yourself scratching.

even after your shampoo removal treatment.

you get where i'm headed.

(awful pun)

(is your head itching now?)

the lice are gone.

even though you never knew they existed.

they've been treated.

so why the itch?


i find myself absently, and not so absently, checking for lumps.

i can standing in front of the godfather, ask him what he'd like for supper, and he'll say stop.

 and i'll say stop what?

and he'll say you know what.

and i'll say what?

and he'll remind me.  

there is nothing there.

no lumps.

no cancer.

nothing, it's gone.

but i say bull.

you can't know that.

that's why they're radiating.  in case there is.

and that's the head trip.

scratching my head here.

just another 


xx katy

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  1. Yep. I get that. At some point in the day - basically every day, I find myself checking for lumps in the remaining breast, and where they took the other away. It's a habit that hasn't faded even after 2 years...


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