Thursday, March 28, 2013

sweet nothings

the thing i like most about wiseguys is they're pretty simple to track, fairly easy to read.

they are not huge on innuendo or subtlety, things are pretty straightforward, largely black and white.

even though they rarely miss a beat.

they have the instincts of bengal tigers.

this simplicity combined with superb readiness is a very practical combo.

wiseguys.  knuckleheads.  thugs.  clods.

they are kind of the same, but not really.

the ones i know don't like to waste much time.  they are constantly moving, even when they are sitting perfectly still.

have you ever seen a godfather sitting on a sofa, eyes gazing off at something in the middle distance, hands in prayer formation, index fingers tapping?

i have.

sometimes you want to know what they're thinking, sometimes you don't.

try to get them to engage in role playing though, or imagination, and i say good luck.

way back, when i thought i had an idea of what romance was, or should be, i actually asked the godfather, how come you never whisper sweet nothings in my ear?

 he said what?

 i said sweet nothings?  how come you don't whisper them in my ear?

and he leaned right over, put those thick familiar lips to the edge of my ear, and began whispering the word nothing, over and over.

nothing.  nothing.  nothing.

is what he actually whispered.


 that's the godfather for you.

over the years he's always whispered super simple stuff.

mostly it's been this word.


happy. happy. happy.

i love you godfather for this.

this simple, no bs, gung ho attitude has gotten me out of more than a few foxholes.

it has definitely gotten me through the daily grind of radiation.

always the sunny side.

happy. happy. happy.

even though he gets the real.

and the hard. and the not happy parts too.

it's helped me focus on the end game.  one down.  two down.  three down.  

we have sixteen down now.

17 more to go.

xx katy

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