Monday, March 11, 2013

turn the beat around

an old friend of ours, (hi cassie!) reminded me recently of brad goreski, of bravo fame, and his reality show, it's a brad brad world.

do you know him?

i don't either, but it's so easy to feel like you could!

he's a fashion stylist, easily an icon himself.

he does styling for red carpet events, editorial campaigns, global brands.

but it's his plucky spirit that tells his story.

his open heart.

so refreshing.

bravo cameras show brad in his daily life, dealing with ever present nail biting deadlines, his personal life w/his partner gary, his relationships with his clients, and styling assistants.

it's the highs and lows in his brad brad world.

the coolest thing is how he swings with the lows.

if something seems like an inevitable crash and burn, what does he do?

does he pack up and leave?

not even.

not hardly.

he looks directly at the camera, through his buddy holly glasses,  and says look.  

gary and i are gay.

we learned a long time ago to 'turn the beat around.'

turn the beat around.

gotta luv it.

if brad can do it, this girl can too.

i made friends with that evil hulking metal door the other day.

that monster battle ax beast of a door, the one that separates those getting radiation blasts from those who are not.

you know which side i'm on.

(welcome to obvious-ville)

the door was open, anticipating my entry.

ho.  f*cking. hum.

i knocked on the door, though open, and waved to it, hello door!

is what i said.

it didn't wave back.

(big surprise.)

i said to the tech, i hate that door.

it's so unfriendly.

she said oh.  but it keeps us safe.

i said that's bc you're on the other side.

she didn't answer.

i said can i at least bring a smiley face sticker to put on it so it can appear a little nicer?

she didn't answer.

but i'm bringing it.

turn the beat around.

damn right.

xx katy

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